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What’s in Gevin for the New Year?

    Happy new year! The first day of work in 2015 is January 5, so it just started. What plans have we for 2015?

    We always aim to expand our products. Sorry for the slow product upload. There were a few bugs to fix on the website and the update of products are sometimes slowed down when the company is busy. We have over a thousand products so it may take time. Please visit often.

    Our rich range of plastic-based (As Seen on TV) products are mostly small or medium-sized items designed for mostly light-duty tasks. We’re expanding our plastic-based products to heavier-duty, larger products, and also adding more silicone-based items. Extra items include steel wire products such as racks and pushers.

    Our game products are always coming up with new items. For example, we’re developing new chess boxes and checkers as of now. There are always new and exciting products. A lot of our items are not open to the public because they’re made to custom. We’re always willing to develop custom-made products for our customers, ensuring that each of our customers have their unique range of products not found elsewhere and help develop a healthier market.

    For the first time, Gevin is considering the domestic market. However, we’re not planning to have a great expansion for the domestic market. It’s always good to be open to new opportunities.

    Hope this new year will be great for you and for Gevin!

    Happy new year~!!

    Written on January 6, 2015 at 11:35 am