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The Chess Game and Gevin

    Chess is a very profound and strategic game.  Unlike backgammon, there is no such thing as luck.  While backgammon uses unpredictable dice to drive the game and is based on statistics combined with strategy, chess is fully strategic.  Everything is the in the hand of the player.  It is truly a competition of the strategic mind.

    There are many versions of chess.  Southeast Asia has their own versions of chess.  In China, chess is called “international chess”.  This is because China has its own version of chess (Chinese chess 象棋).  China makes distinction between the two by calling the more recognized chess “International Chess”, and the Chinese version (which is also ancient) “Chinese Chess”.  Taiwan makes the distinction by calling the more recognized chess as “Western Chess”, and the Chinese version “Chinese chess”.

    Gevin Enterprises sells the products, but we do not instruct how to play the game.  Frankly speaking, we know how to play the game, but we’re by no means expert chess players. We provide instruction sheets with our sets (not all of them, but we can always add them with request).

    Our chess sets are mainly made of three materials: plastic, wood, and marble stone.  Wooden chess sets are our most prominent product.  They offer the greatest selection of style and material, and are well balanced for their price, quality, aesthetics, and durability. They’re all hand-made by masters.

    If you’re interested, A website that teaches different chess strategies can be found here.

    Written on November 24, 2014 at 10:40 am