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Magnus Carlson Tops FIDE Rating

    Current world champion Magnus Carlson from Norway is rated 2865 in February 2015 in FIDE rating system. Carlson has held the record of over 2860 since January 2013, and has not fallen below that figure. Carlson’s highest record so far is 2877, rated in July and August 2014. Anand thinks Magnus’ record is “unbelievable”. However, he comments that it is hard to tell whether Carlson is the best chess player in history, but as of the current generation, there is no match for Carlson.

    Carlson’s current FIDE rating is so impressive that he tops the world’s number 2 by 54 points. Interestingly, the seemingly invincible Carlson also has an Archilles’ heel. Just recently, Carlson lost to Arkadij Naiditsch in round 3. Carlson’s play of sacrificing a Bishop with his move of Bxg4 surprised everyone. It seemed all too radical. Naiditsch took the chance and played conservatively, eventually winning against Carlson. This is Naiditsch’s second win in a row against Carlson, which he also did in 2014.

    Carlson commented on his defeat and considered that he lost not because of the risky move of sacrificing his bishop, but because he did not do well overall.

    Written on February 10, 2015 at 2:29 pm