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As Seen on TV Products

    As Seen on TV products from Gevin Enterprises Co., Ltd. are innovative made-in-Taiwan plastic items designed to aid everyday living.  The products cover a wide range of everyday items such as kitchenware, bakeware, storage solutions, bathroom accessories, garden supplies, personal care products, etc. There are hundreds of products to choose from.

    The minimum order quantity of each of the As Seen on TV products is usually 2500 units per item.  If the item is sold in sets of 4, each set is one unit.  If the item is sold piece by piece, then one piece means one unit.

    The items are produced with inject mold.  The mold used in the production are manufactured in-house, meaning the products are in full control of the manufacturer from start to finish.  There is a production line dedicated to the production of high-quality molds for the plastic products.  Quality consistency and precision is very well controlled due to the inject mold.  Production is punctual and there is little to worry about the delivery time of these products.

    Wherever possible, the materials used are environmentally-friendly and the products are mainly sold in Germany, meeting the strict requirements of Europe. PP is the most widely used product and is food-safe. Other materials such as iron, steel, magnets, ABS etc. are used according to product requirement. Where gel-like properties (similar to silicone) is required, the most environmentally friendly TPE (thermoplastic elastomer, or thermoplastic rubber (TPR)) is employed.

    The products do not violate patent protection laws. Should there be any patent-related issues that we have missed out, we will respond to the issues appropriately and remove the products from our website AND sales.

    Please feel free to inquire us for further information.