Brief History

Gevin Enterprises Co., Ltd. is an established, experienced and professional supplier and exporter of a wide range of products, including As Seen on TV products, chess sets, backgammon sets, dominoes, roulette, chips, playing cards, solitaires, cribbage boards, gardening tools, sports equipment, health care products, promotions & gifts, and so on.

Established in 1966, we have more than 50 years of experience of cooperation with local manufacturers in both Taiwan area and mainland China. “Honest and trustworthy business with high quality service” has been our philosophy, which has allowed us to continue to thrive for half a century.

We continue to serve our customers worldwide with expertise and much enthusiasm!


Gevin Advantages

We work very closely with our suppliers and are familiar with industries from both China and Taiwan. We’re able to utilize our rich resources and good business relations to succeed in complicated projects. Due to our close business relations, we are also able to provide goods even in relatively low quantities, an advantage for customers new in the business or have a wide variety of products on the list. You can count on us.


Since we are specialized in games, we frequently order large quantities of goods from various suppliers. Hence, we are able to obtain very competitive prices compared to ur competitors and provide you with a better deal.


As we have worked with our suppliers from the past few decades, they have come to understand our expectation for the quality of the products. You can count on us to provide you products with your expected quality.


Urgent shipment date? Let us hepl you! We are willing to assist your urgent needs by putting it to high priority if necessary. Other orders will be fulfilled in a timely fashion.